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WE RENT THE BEST BIKES in San Diego, California

Bicyclist, Bike Services in San Diego, CA   

You haven't seen California until you've taken advantage of our bike services at San Diego Bike Rentals. We're a high-end bicycle tour and rental outfit for vacationers and visiting athletes, helping you explore the city/mountains for a fair price.  San Diego Bike Rentals wants your business!  We want to help you have the best time possible.  Have you ever rented a bike from a shop that makes you feel like you are a burdon?  Thats not us!

Wanna ride the best roads/or trails in Socal?  ...SO DO WE! 

Let's Do this!

• Bicycle Rentals—Deliver Competitive Road & Mountain Bikes for Your Entertainment!
• Bicycle Tours—Several Route Road Riding Tours throughout San Diego, California
• Mechanical Service—Pickup & Delivery Services

Hop on a Bike!
As a former bike mechanic with 15 years of experience working with pro's, teen riders and on tours in California, Chris knows the bike business inside and out! We love what we do and can't wait to get you on the driver's seat of a high-class bike perfect for riding around the city.

Contact us to rent a bike or set up a tour!  We will need your phone number and email address when you contact us!!!! 

Hours of Operation: 7 Days a Week, 9 a.m.–6 p.m.

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